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Mecca Bingo Flippin Rich Lucky Tap

This unique slot game isn’t about spinning… it’s all about flipping! Toss a gold coin into the enchanted well from just 30p and you could play your way to three jackpot prizes!



If you’re looking for a captivating and easy-to-play slot, you can’t go wrong with this charming title.

A magical well filled with mysterious liquid sits in the centre of the screen, surrounded by buckets marked with values. All you need to do is toss the shiny golden coin into the well and, if it hits the target, you can score up to 18 prizes. If you don’t have the luck to get more than 10 prizes, not to worry, you just might get an additional multiplier reward.

Ready to take you pocket full of gold coins to the magic well? Play Mecca Bingo Flippin Rich Lucky Tap online today.  

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How To Play

Multiplier Feature

If 10 or fewer prizes are awarded on any winning play, the Multiplier Feature may randomly be activated. If the Multiplier Feature is activated, a Random Multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, or x7 will appear above the well. All Currency Wins will be multiplied by the Random Multiplier.

Progressive Pick Bonus

The Progressive Pick Bonus is initiated if 3 Bonus Buckets are awarded on a winning play. During the Progressive Pick Bonus, the player continues picking coins until 3 matching objects are revealed. The Progressive Jackpot corresponding to the 3 revealed matching objects is awarded. The Multiplier Feature is not active during the Progressive Pick Bonus.

Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Pick Bonus must be accessed in order to win 1 of 3 Progressive Jackpots. The 3 Progressive Jackpots are: Minor, Major, and Mega.

If 3 Minors are uncovered during the Progressive Pick Bonus, the value of the Minor Progressive is awarded. If 3 Majors are uncovered during the Progressive Pick Bonus, the value of the Major Progressive is awarded. If 3 Megas are uncovered during the Progressive Pick Bonus, the value of the Mega Progressive is awarded.

It is not technically possible to have two simultaneous wins of the same Progressive Jackpot. There are separate Progressive Jackpots per bet multiplier. Contributions made to Progressive Jackpots at a certain bet multiplier are added to Progressive Jackpots that can only be achieved by making a bet at that same bet multiplier.

The following contributions are made to Progressive Jackpots on each base game spin:

  • .24% of the bet is contributed to the Minor Progressive Jackpot
  • .21% of the bet is contributed to the Major Progressive Jackpot
  • .17% of the bet is contributed to the Mega Progressive Jackpot

At a 1x bet multiplier, the start-up value for each Progressive Jackpot is:

  • Minor: £45.00
  • Major: £150.00
  • Mega: £900.00

The start-up values for the Progressive Jackpots at bet multipliers other than 1x are calculated by multiplying the bet multiplier by the start-up value at a 1x bet multiplier. There is no upper limit on Progressive Jackpot values.

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 30p
  • Max stake: £45
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Paylines: N/A
  • RTP: 94.8%
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