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Slingo Deal Or No Deal

With all the best elements from both slots and bingo, Slingo takes on the TV classic Deal or no Deal. You’ll be transported into the TV studio, asked to pick a box and get down to business.



As you spin the reels when playing Slingo Deal or no Deal, you can encounter Jokers, Super Jokers, Free Spins or the pesky Devil, which blocks numbers on the reels. Each number will eliminate a box and just like the TV show you’ll eventually get a call from the Banker offering you a deal. Will you take the offer or put your faith in your chosen box?

With a winning combination of Slingo and this viewer-loved TV show, you could bag an incredible deal and have lots of fun doing it!

How To Play

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Bonus features

Extra Spins

Once the 10 spins and any free spins have been completed the player moves to the second stage of the game.

Retaining the final state of the grid, the player is offered extra spins at an additional cost on a fixed odds basis.

The same reel bands are used with the free spin symbols removed. All other symbols are retained.

The amount of extra spins are unlimited and represented by blue balls.

The price for each spin is displayed to the player on the SPIN button. The price of the spin is deducted from the player’s credit.

The player has the choice to spin, choose deal or no deal.

The potential top prize values available are displayed to the player. The numbers required are highlighted in the grid and on the information bar and the amount is displayed over the centre of the grid with the possible multiplier highlighted in the multiplier ladder.


Malfunction voids all plays and pay.

Game Information

  • Min Stake: £1
  • Max Stake: £100
  • Max Payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: 11
  • Special Features: Joker symbols, Super Joker symbols, Free Spins
  • RTP: 95.00%
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