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Party with the NetEnt legends: Finn, Gonzo, Lady Pig, Brute and Starburst gems, and have the chance to revel in top cash prizes up to 1,000x your bet in this stellar slot!



Dust off your finest garms for a banging bonanza with the NetEnt crew and enjoy awesome prizes up to 1,000x your bet!

Give this illustrious slot a whirl with Finn, Gonzo, Lady Pig, Brute and Starburst gems – they can enhance your gameplay with multipliers, plus you could trigger plenty more special features including Free Spins, Extra Lives and the Bonus Game.

You could unlock even more when you spin the Wheel icon. And don’t miss the massive potential for big wins in the Final Game.

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How To Play

Bonus Features 


Free Spins

If you collect 3 or more Diamond Scatter symbols during the main game, you will fly through the clouds into the board-game-style Free Spins, where the aim of the game is to travel around the board and fill the individual squares with Multipliers. If you land a Dice symbol on reel 5, it will substitute for a Diamond Scatter and you will begin the game with 1 roll of the dice.

The Scatters activating Free Spins will turn into random Multipliers and get added to the board. Every Free Spins round will start with 3 Free Spins. The counter will reset to 3 if a new Multiplier lands on the reels.

To travel around the board and activate features, you need to collect Dice symbols. Dice symbols may randomly appear on the reels or can be won in certain features. Whenever you collect a Dice symbol, you will roll it to see how many steps the red token can take around the board. Progressing from square to square, you have the chance to trigger features with iconic NetEnt characters!



Finn, the mischievous leprechaun, will send his clover air bound and to add +5 to up to 5 Multiplier prizes on the reels. After adding, he then combines these into 1 prize, allowing for more Multipliers to land on the board.



Gonzo will draw his sword from the scabbard as huge golden blocks fall down from the skies above, multiplying up to 24 random Multiplier prizes on the reels by 2x, 3x, or 5x.


Miss Banks

That’s Lady Pig to you! Known for her penchant for a splurge, she will flick golden coins into the air to place up to 15 random Multiplier prizes on the reels with values ranging from 1x to 5x. If the new prize lands on a prize already on the reels, their values will add up.


Space Wars

Brute, the lawless little lilac alien, driving an unidentified flying object will cause disruption to your screen as he awards 3 extra respins. Before doing so, he will clone 3 of the highest Multiplier prizes, and only these values may land during his respins. Ah, aliens... aren’t they a nuisance?!



The classic Starburst Wild, the gem-embellished colourful octagram, will shoot onto the Free Spins reels to place a vertical stack of three equal Multiplier prizes with values from 2x to 5x.


Extra Spins

If the Dice’s fortune favours you and the red token steps on the top-right corner square of the board, the Free Spins counter will bump up to 4. It will not only increase the Free Spin cap to 4 until the end of the Bonus Game, but it will also reset your counter to 4!


Extra Lives

When you manage to go around the entire board, you will receive an Extra Life which manifests as a beating heart. When the Free Spins counter hits 0, your heart will reset the counter to the maximum (3 or 4).


Wheel Game

If you land on the Wheel icon, you will have the chance to spin the Wheel for one of the following features:

  • 1 Dice, which gives you an additional Dice
  • 2 Dice, which will provide you with two additional Dice
  • +1, which will increase the value of every Multiplier prize on the Free Spins reels by 1
  • Upgrade, which will add 1x your bet to each blank square on the board so when the token lands on them, the Multiplier values of all prizes on the reels will increase
  • Random, which will take you to a mini-wheel of Bonus Features (Finn, Gonzo, Miss Banks, Space Wars Brute, or Starburst) to spin
  • Replay feature, which will grant you a Replay of the next Bonus Feature if you trigger one.


Final Game

When the reels are all filled with Multiplier prizes, the Final Game launches. All the squares on the game board surrounding the reels will be assigned multipliers (of 25x, 50x, 75x, 100x, 500x, or 1,000x) except for 2 squares in the top-right and bottom-left corners, which will grant you Dice when landing on them.

When you enter the Final Game, you will carry the number of Dice you have in Free Spins. The maximum number of Free Spins and the number of extra Hearts will be converted into Dice for the Final Game. Your initial Dice roll number will be doubled if you have an unused Replay Feature golden ticket from the Bonus Game.


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £50
  • Max payout: £250,000 
  • Jackpot: No 
  • Paylines: 45
  • RTP: 94.06%
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