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The Goonies Return

Ready to take a spin at One-Eyed Willy’s treasure? Join the Goonies for an all-new adventure as you search for hidden riches in this fun-filled, action-packed slot, loaded with big bonuses and plenty of ways to win.

Jump into the fun with The Goonies Return!



Get ready for action with this all-new adventure based on the 1980’s cult classic movie. Take a spin towards hidden riches across 20 winlines, and enhance your play with big features, great graphics, and iconic catchphrases from the whole gang.


This slot adventure is action packed, and every spin is totally unique. As well as 20 ways to win, there are bags of big bonuses to enhance your play! Land 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels to kickstart the bonus rounds. There’s plenty to play for, including: One-Eyed Willy Key of Plenty, Booby Trap Bonus, Waterslide to Wealth Bonus, Skeleton Organ Free Spins, Fratelli Free Spins, Final Voyage Free Spins, One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus, Feature Gamble, One-Eyed Willy Exchange – phew, that’s a lot!


Think you’ve got what it takes to escape with One-Eyed Willy’s treasure? Play The Goonies Return online.


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How To Play


One-Eyed Willy Key of Plenty

One-Eyed Willy Key of Plenty can be triggered randomly during any spin.

Truffle Shuffle Wilds – Wilds can overlay the reels, turning positions wild. Chink will also be able to turn the wilds into multiplying wilds along with the ability to award a Truffle reshuffle where after the original spin, he can reappear and switch the reel positions to award a second win.

Hidden Treasure – A stone pillar will drop down and strike the centre reel, adding a Mikey Wild to the middle of the centre reel. Once the reels have stopped, an animation will take place to change any of the goonie symbols I view into a wild symbol, creating extra wins.

W-invention Reels – Data will appear and use his Punch Out glove to strike the reel and cause 2 or more consecutive reels to replicate the same outcome. This can occur for up to all 5 reels. In addition, Data can also create a colossal symbol on up to 5 reels as well as upgrade the symbols in view or move them to create a better win.

Lucky Coins – The Mystery symbol (gold coin) chooses a symbol at random to be displayed inside the Gold Coin. During any spin where a Coin lands on the reels, a symbol is chosen which is displayed in every Coin in view. There is also a chance that a Cash symbol can be revealed. Any Cash symbols are held in position and the reels respin. The reels continue to respin until no additional cash symbols land in view.

Bonus Boost – Additional Bonus symbols can be added to the reels.

Win Spin – Guaranteed to award a big winning spin.

There are also additional modifiers which can trigger after any spin both turning a lose into a win. On a losing spin, a scythe can appear which will reset the reels into a win. Shooting Spikes can remove one or more columns of symbols to create a win. Dynamite can be thrown onto the reels to upgrade the win as well as a cave collapse, removing all symbols in view and cascading in a new winning set of symbols.

You can activate a bonus by achieving 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view. There is no payout awarded directly for getting this, just entry to one of the bonus rounds. You’ll spin the wheel, which after a spin will stop on one of 6 features, revealing the bonus that has been awarded.


Booby Trap Bonus

Triggered by landing on the Booby Trap feature during the Bonus. Turn the Key left or right (alternatively, click the left or right arrow) to turn the key and reveal an outcome: CASH, COLLECT, BONUS FEATURE.

If a feature is revealed, the Booby Trap Bonus ends, and you enter the bonus feature shown.

If COLLECT is revealed, the feature ends with the player awarded the amount displayed in the Bonus Win display (which is a multiplier of your total bet).


Waterslide to Wealth Bonus

Triggered by landing on the Waterslide to Wealth feature during the bonus. The bonus shall be split into two stages. Stage 1 is a multiplier trail down the waterfall towards the second stage of the bonus. You always being in stage 1 and are required to select gold doubloons in order to advance along the trail, increasing the total bet multiplier. Selecting the doubloons will reveal one of the following positive or negative outcomes: Advance (1-5), Collect or Big Money.

In addition, along the trail there will be certain positions containing a ship’s wheel icon, which will be sat under some of the values. If you land on a position with a wheel, the ship’s wheel will appear and spin, revealing one of the following: Upgrade, Eliminate or Shortcut.

If the Big Money Bonus end game is reached, you’ll enter the big money end game where you can win a big cash multiplier or an extra feature.


Skeleton Organ Free Spins

Triggered by landing on the Skeleton Organ Free Spins feature during the bonus.

You’ll be awarded 5 free spins with the special Skeleton Organ symbol active and super stacked on each reel. The Skeleton Organ symbol is sticky, with any that land in view holding in place for the remainder of the free spins.

If on any spin a special Symbol lands in view, you’ll pick a key on the Organ which will fade up slightly from behind the reels to reveal a symbol, which will then reveal itself on every Organ symbol in view.

At the end of the spins, you’ll be presented with a number of Gold Doubloons. You’ll pick one and reveal one of the following outcomes: Extra Spins, Bonus or Collect.


Fratelli Free Spins

Triggered by landing on the Fratelli Free Spins feature during the Bonus. You’ll be awarded an initial 8 spins which feature resurrecting respins at the end of the feature.

If during a spin a Super Sloth Wild has landed in view, after any wins have been paid, the Wild will leave the position on the reels with a special border around it.

After the initial 8 spins are spent, the final respin will take place on all position where Super Sloth Wilds landed in view.

Each individual reel position will respin to reveal either a Wild or Cash symbol. If 5 or more cash symbols are revealed, after any reel wins are awarded then Momma Fratelli Money Spins are triggered. Each reel position turns into a mini cash reel where you have 3 respins to achieve more cash symbols. Each time a cash symbol lands in view, the spins reset to 3. This continues until you’ve used all your spins.

At the end of the spins, you’ll be presented with a number of keys. You’ll pick one and reveal one of the following outcomes: Extra Spins, Bonus or Collect.


Final Voyage Free Spins

Triggered by landing on the Final Voyage Free Spins feature during the Bonus.

After a screen transition, the game will cut to a new free spins layout with a trail below the reels with the inferno on the left, various markers across the bottom and a Gold Doubloon on the right. During every spin the inferno wild is active. Starting from the left, on each spin the Inferno Wild will move 1 reel to the right before holding in place. At the end of each spin, the Goonie below the reel where the wild is in place will be turned wild, before the Inferno Wild moves right again.

This continues until all of the high pays are upgraded to be wilds and you reach the Doubloon on reel 5.

Once the Doubloon has been reached, a number of Doubloons will appear over the reels and the player will be prompted to Pick a Doubloon, revealing one of the following outcomes: Collect, One-Eyed Willy Riches or Super Spins.


One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus

Achieving 5 Bonus symbols on the reels during the main game, gambling to or landing on the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus on the Bonus Wheel or revealing it from a modifier key or within a feature triggers the One-Eyed Willy Riches bonus.

The values will spin and then come to a stop, awarding the corresponding total bet multiplier. The feature continues until the booby trap is triggered on the scales, where you are awarded their total bet multiplier win.

You’ll be awarded 3 Money Spins on a 5x4 grid of individual reels. Landing a cash value in view will reset the spins counter back to 3.

Also active are the Goonie characters, each with a unique power/ ability as well as a cash value.

The feature will continue until the whole 9x4 grid is full or all spins are used, with you being awarded the amount displayed which is a multiplier of the total bet.


Feature Gamble

Whenever a Feature win is achieved in the game (except for One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus), you have the option to either Collect the feature or Gamble to try and win one of the other features in the game.

If you gamble and win, the feature you have gambled can be collected, with all feature below that now eliminated. This continues until you collect, reach the top feature *where it awards that feature) or you land on the Mystery Win segment during the wheel spin where they are then awarded a Mystery Win Prize.

The odds of winning during the Gamble Feature are not necessarily the odds shown.


One-Eyed Willy Exchange

During the main game, if you achieve a win above a 15x bet or higher, you can take the win or enter the feature wheel gamble to try and win a feature.

If you choose to Collect, you’re awarded the cash amount shown. If you choose to Gamble, then the win is replaced by a spin of the Exchange Wheel. The wheel will consist of one of three bonus levels, plus Mystery Win.

If you gamble and win, the bonus you have gambled can be collected. This continues until you collect, reach the top bonus or you land on the Mystery Win segment during the wheel spin where you’re awarded a Mystery Win Prize (a mystery cash value based on a multiplier of your total bet).


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £10
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: 20
  • RTP: 96.26%