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Here's everything you need to know about how to play bingo in Mecca clubs!

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If you're a newbie, electronic bingo is a great place to start.

Grab an electronic tablet (we call them Max)

Go to Booksales and a member of team will help set up any offers, credit and help you log in 

Autodab will also find the numbers for you!

Or there's the traditional paper way to play.

Pay for your tickets at booksales

Grab a dabber (aka pen)

Get playing!

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Your host will talk to you through each game, but most of them have 90 numbers on each page (split across multiple boxes) and you have three ways to win on each page. 

1 line - any horizontal line in any box

2 lines - any 2 horizontal lines in the same box

Full house - all the numbers in the same box

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Tap the menu at the top right of the your home screen and choose from:

Bingo: The next game you've bought will load up

Interval games: Choose your boards and off you go

Slots: Pick a game and get spinning

To dab, just tap, or choose Autodab and relax

Electronic Max has so much more, ask a team member what it can do. 

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Bingo couldn't be simpler. The host calls out a number and if it's on your ticket, you mark it off (or if on electronic, you can Autodab). Keep an eye out for 1 line, 2 lines or Full House.

Think you've got winning numbers?

Shout out loud before the Host calls the next number - even if playing electronic.

Shout BINGO! or HOUSE! On electronic, once you have shouted, hit the CLAIM button!

Don't forget, our lovely team are here to help!

Main Game Book - this is the main game played throughout the 2 hour afternoon and evening sessions, and will contain anything from 10-14 pages of standard 90 ball bingo.

Flyers - you can play extra Flyers as part of the main session - not your standard 90 ball bingo, and a bit more fun, so why not mix it up and add some flyers to your main session.

Linked Games - on some games (not all) we link up with other clubs and offer even bigger prize money.

National Game - this is a game that is played in ALL bingo clubs, not just Mecca, with an amazing £50K Jackpot to win.

Jackpots - many of our Main games and Cashline games have extra Jackpots, please listen out for host announcements and you could be walking away with a bonus prize!

Cashline - during the bingo, we have several breaks (or intervals). For those that just want to keep the fun going, customers can join in and play the Cashline games. Ask a team member how you can play along. 

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Find your nearest Mecca Bingo Club

Mecca is not just the home of great bingo games and superb slots - enjoy live entertainment, tasty food and great value drinks, all wrapped up in one venue.

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Fancy staying in?

Can’t make it into club? We’ve got you covered! Play Bingo and all your favourite slots games from the comfort of your own home with Mecca online! Plus, sign up today and you’ll receive a whole load of welcome goodies including 8 days of FREE Bingo in our First Time Lucky room.