Roomie Of The Week



Our roomies really are the greatest and now we’re rewarding you just for being fabulous! Every week we pick a Roomie of the Week from 4 of our Bingo rooms. As well as getting this ace title you can also win 30,000 PlayPoints (multiple winners will share the points).


Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Roomies can only win once every 8 weeks.
  • If there is a tie, the prize will be shared equally.
  • We'll change the rooms every 6-8 weeks.
  • Roomies taking part in the promotion are not allowed to change their chat name until that week's winners have been announced.
  • You have to be over 18 to take part.
  • The CM's decision is final.
  • Mecca reserve the right to change this promotion at any time.


Have a look below to check out some of our most recent winners.


Week ending Sunday 12th February 2017


Clickety Click: LayceeJayne06

Legs 11: Angie_1311

Snakes and Ladders: AuntieSallie14



Week ending Sunday 5th February 2017

Royal 5's: Brentnol

Clickety Click: taz1stplace

Legs 11: bea2bea

Snakes and Ladders: gerkersrules



Week ending Sunday 29th January 2017

Royal 5's: wantabetteryear

Clickety Click: HevsXwonXwow

Legs 11: mccarthy80

Snakes and Ladders: Asterion



Week ending Sunday 22nd January 2017

Royal 5's: TRALYN



Snakes and Ladders: PEARL13



Week ending Sunday 15th January 2017

Royal 5's: x2x0x1x7x

Clickety Click: CraziBunni

Legs 11: broganmichael

Snakes and Ladders: julynie21



Week ending Sunday 8th January 2017

Dancing Queen: Hillythewinner

Deal or No Deal 75 Ball: Peej1981

Emoji Bingo: NEZWAVE

Sunset Strip: XGRANNY_JENX



Week ending Sunday 1st January 2017

Dancing Queen: LittleMo2508

Deal or No Deal 75 Ball: XUBLINKINGSTARX

Emoji Bingo: Shoes_and_Bags

Sunset Strip: sarahxjanex2tg



Week ending Sunday 25th December 2016

Dancing Queen: YorkshireRose73

Deal or No Deal 75 Ball: housewifey1979


Sunset Strip: ANNLEGS11



Week ending Sunday 18th December 2016

Dancing Queen: tigers_tinsel

Deal or No Deal 75 Ball: digoodwin1

Emoji Bingo: xmissxjinglex

Sunset Strip: xNannyTeax



Week ending Sunday 11th December 2016

Dancing Queen: badgebyezan

Deal or No Deal 75 Ball: kymmy85

Emoji Bingo: xxxtan70xxx

Sunset Strip: NETA4TUNE



Week ending Sunday 4th December 2016

Dancing Queen: lindas_crackers

Deal or No Deal 75 Ball: lainey631

Emoji Bingo: Mummy2Phoenix

Sunset Strip: XXNANA_KIMXX



Week ending Sunday 28th November 2016


Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: DREAMDISNEY

Britain's Got Talent: AUNTYROSPLZAWIN

Jump and Jive: lindy1946



Week ending Sunday 20th November 2016

Two Little Ducks: Kayleiighx

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: KAZ_TURN_TY

Britain's Got Talent: BMC241052

Jump and Jive: MistletoeM00T



Week ending Sunday 13th November 2016

Two Little Ducks: granmalindalou

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: CarlaWinter

Britain's Got Talent: caras2princesse




Week ending Sunday 6th November 2016


Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: DoubleTrouble_2

Britain's Got Talent: GlitteryPink_

Jump and Jive: Tantalisin_Tone



Week ending Sunday 30th October 2016

Two Little Ducks: CantWin4Fudge

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: Beths_lucky_win

Britain's Got Talent: JAKKI_OB

Jump and Jive: JackieD12



Week ending Sunday 23rd October 2016

Two Little Ducks: vodkaguzzler

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: xLouLovesLifex

Britain's Got Talent: BrendaJ33

Jump and Jive: BLINGNESS



Week ending Sunday 16th October 2016

Two Little Ducks: BREESMUMXXX

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: FELIXCASPER

Britain's Got Talent: Sassyrose

Jump and Jive: nolucksunxxx



Week ending Sunday 9th October 2016

Two Little Ducks: 1flowerpotxxx

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: 28mandymoo

Britain's Got Talent: sammylou821, Chanice123morri

Jump and Jive: TylerSnanaSamxx



Week ending Sunday 2nd October 2016

Two Little Ducks: chrisey71

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: xxxSSSxxxxx

Britain's Got Talent: bunny1989

Jump and Jive: Franjamie12



Week ending Sunday 25th September 2016

Two Little Ducks: XpickToniOrElse

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: ShirleyXXDigger

Britain's Got Talent: snowytiger55

Jump and Jive: ReeneluvsxBurty, Luckielockett29



Week ending Sunday 18th September 2016

Dancing Queen: xxnicky1983

Keys to the Door: colj60

Rainbow Riches: Unlucky4Some13

X Factor: lindy1946



Week ending Sunday 11th September 2016

Dancing Queen: grtgrandmachris

Keys to the Door: loobylucky

Rainbow Riches: BLACKTOWER

X Factor: rach1150, October18



Week ending Sunday 4th September 2016

Dancing Queen: Supernaturallvr


Rainbow Riches: SOLDIERGIRL2813

X Factor: WhendyWoody



Week ending Sunday 28th August 2016

Dancing Queen: YorkshireRose73


Rainbow Riches: PAMMYNANNYX

X Factor: Fanito2016



Week ending Sunday 21st August 2016


Keys to the Door: KATHYSCLOWN04

Rainbow Riches: GILLIANA




Week ending Sunday 14th August 2016

Dancing Queen: tigers_a_granny

Keys to the Door: shortthingwins

Rainbow Riches: ktbbe27

X Factor: cokeysgirl27



Week ending Sunday 7th August 2016


Cash Cubes: mabeline2, okeycokeyx

Clickety Click: NIKKILOU79, rankingmissC

Emoji Bingo: Bev491



Week ending Sunday 31st July 2016

Burst Bingo: Mash_06_06

Cash Cubes: stefaniexxxwins

Clickety Click: TinaCroc

Emoji Bingo: ShekyUK, Sneverwin30



Week ending Sunday 24th July 2016

Burst Bingo: LEECULLEN, chez3681

Cash Cubes: MELLO124

Clickety Click: julynie21

Emoji Bingo: caldowinsyey



Week ending Sunday 17th July 2016

Burst Bingo: BABYSHAM3

Cash Cubes: SUPEROWLS1

Clickety Click: ROX350




Week ending Sunday 10th July 2016

Burst Bingo: sixtieschic

Cash Cubes: moneyneeds0tgplz, XXKELLYA40XX

Clickety Click: merriekindheart

Emoji Bingo: rodneyplzawin



Week ending Sunday 3rd July 2016

Burst Bingo: juliehunNo1

Cash Cubes: patriciamcmahon, edgesclan

Clickety Click: yummymummy4life

Emoji Bingo: romeodante0814



Week ending Sunday 26th June 2016

Britain's Got Talent: BERNIELOVESAWIN, BrendaJ33, xlaurajaynex

Burst Bingo:huney19

Deal Or No Deal 75: dawnh21, ellakate10

Two Little Ducks: XPickToniOrElse



Week ending Sunday 19th June 2016

Britain's Got Talent: auntyrozplzawin

Burst Bingo: BINGO_KING1983, bobbibingo

Deal Or No Deal 75: carrotcake50

Two Little Ducks: Zak2003



Week ending Sunday 12th June 2016

Britain's Got Talent: sammylou821

Burst Bingo: nutjob2

Deal Or No Deal 75: mrinnocent

Two Little Ducks: nannysuzyof5, paula1945



Week ending Sunday 5th June 2016

Britain's Got Talent:caras2princesse


Deal Or No Deal 75: givetocharity

Two Little Ducks: foz1963, sheila144



Week ending Sunday 29th May 2016

Britain's Got Talent: BMC241052

Burst Bingo: TEDDS1112

Deal Or No Deal 75: lainey631

Two Little Ducks: CantWin4Fudge



Week ending Sunday 22nd May 2016

Britain's Got Talent: ulsterboy1

Burst Bingo: dreadreama

Deal Or No Deal 75: Elk1968

Two Little Ducks: NEZWAVE64



Week ending Sunday 15th May 2016

Britain's Got Talent: vickyash

Burst Bingo: proudmumx2

Deal Or No Deal 75: tlkjbrag8

Two Little Ducks: vodkaguzzler



Week ending Sunday 8th May 2016

Britain's Got Talent: lossseeerrrrrrr

Burst Bingo: abbiehannah

Deal Or No Deal 75: lynwoodwxm63x

Two Little Ducks: collywitchypoo



Week ending Sunday 1st May 2016

Britain's Got Talent: Bunny1989

Burst Bingo: bingobasher122, blacksexy

Deal Or No Deal 75: housewifey1979




Week ending Sunday 24th April 2016

Britain's Got Talent: itsnansday2day

Burst Bingo: PidsxBack

Deal Or No Deal 75: LONESTAR76

Two Little Ducks: LipsOnSabatical



Week ending Sunday 17th April 2016

Legs Eleven: emz5babies

Snakes & Ladders: twinkleXpants23

Sunset Strip: SARAHxJANEx2TGx

TV Chat: farmerbevvy



Week ending Sunday 10th April 2016

Legs Eleven: xXSEVENOXx

Snakes & Ladders: snowytiger55


TV Chat: maisiesgame



Week ending Sunday 3rd April 2016

Legs Eleven: Soggy_Biscuit

Snakes & Ladders: boneygucci84, juebay07, LISA4044 & Rubberedduck

Sunset Strip: BionicLyn1

TV Chat: cel10671, libbybbil & MellyFWinner



Week ending Sunday 27th March 2016

Legs Eleven: Angie14xx, OurDay0708 & shortthingwins.

Snakes & Ladders: 00granny00 & sexylin1975

Sunset Strip: gnomesmum

TV Chat: BINGO_KING1983, ptid1908, weehappyyin & winniebingoone



Week ending Sunday 20th March 2016

Legs Eleven: broganmichael

Snakes & Ladders: badgirl_lisa, helenjoan, welshdragon01 & XJimRoyalX

Sunset Strip: kobi1kenobe & neta4tune

TV Chat: Why_ME_Bob_Lol



Week ending Sunday 13th March 2016

Legs Eleven: Angie_1311x

Snakes & Ladders: coolcumber & SallieAndCon14

Sunset Strip: VALSTHEONE

TV Chat: percyboy1



Week ending Sunday 6th March 2016

Legs Eleven: xxxKARRRxxx

Snakes & Ladders: kaidsnan10 & lillyroo

Sunset Strip: Joininforfun

TV Chat: moysawinner2016



Week ending Sunday 28th February 2016

Legs Eleven: xxxMOExxx2WIN

Snakes & Ladders: BOBS_VISA_CARDX

Sunset Strip: DebzTheBlueManc & nanagail57




Week ending Sunday 21st February 2016

Legs Eleven: LuckyProspects

Snakes & Ladders: tammie121

Sunset Strip: XXNANA_KIMXX

TV Chat: jessiej59



Week ending Sunday 14th February 2016


Snakes & Ladders: craigrobz, poshcoffee, x59xPandOxLinex, XXBROKENPENNYXX

Sunset Strip: sirbill62

TV Chat: sarahkian, xtobyandlacix



Week ending Sunday 7th February 2016

Legs Eleven: NoSuchLuckAnn74

Snakes & Ladders: amandaelm, grannystew, kawheels0147

Sunset Strip: XGRANNY_JENX

TV Chat: lilylovesyouxx



Week ending Sunday 31st January 2016 

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: craigwrb

Gold Rush: madcowwmichelle

Jump & Jive: Ashys2016ballsx

Lucky Numbers: xkarensyr2016x



Week ending Sunday 24th January 2016

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: SHELLI381

Gold Rush: SuzieBee1

Jump & Jive: xM00Tx

Lucky Numbers: McCarthy80



Week ending Sunday 17th January 2016

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: rodneyplzawinty

Gold Rush: Isam70, mymuminheaven7

Jump & Jive: PEELY48X

Lucky Numbers: BMAGIC



Week ending Sunday 10th January 2016

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: blossom1970

Gold Rush: BerlinBearFedUp, collyscashcow

Jump & Jive: bradley1nan

Lucky Numbers: cleosmum1, edgesclan, SorryGuysItsMe



Week ending Sunday 3rd January 2016

Deal or No Deal 90 Ball: Bougles

Gold Rush: Redbagandhats

Jump & Jive: nawtysunbeam

Lucky Numbers: ethelmay7, HOUSEWIFEY1979



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