New-Look Mecca Max

Mecca Max has got a whole fresh new look. Here’s what’s changed…

New Max Home
First up, there's a new-look home screen with easier ways to find your favourite games.

New Max Menu
And there's a quick-access menu button to make it easy and speedy to get into the game.

New Max Bingo Session
Main Stage Bingo has a great new look too – and all your favourite ticket views.

New Max Cashline
The ever-popular Cashline games are even more fun and have a completely new set of backgrounds and markers.

New Max My Preferences
You can personalise Mecca Max with all-new backgrounds and dabbers, so you can pick whatever suits you best.

New Max Slots and Games
It's easier than ever to find your favourite slot games or have a good browse through everything on offer.
All in all, bingo's never been better - and it's never looked more stylish either. Go and check it out in your local club!

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