The Mecca Bingo Community

Our incredible Mecca Bingo Community, filled with people just like you, is what makes our games interactive and electrifying. Because of that, we want to shout about our players. Here are all the exciting ways you can get involved with our fun and friendly community:

  • Try out our online chat games. Online games just became a whole lot more fun with our energetic chat hosts to keep you entertained. Find out how to play online chat games.
  • Learn the Bingo Lingo. Yes, bingo has its own language. We’ve got you covered as we get into the acronyms, terms, and codewords you’ll be using as you play at Mecca Bingo.
  • Take a look at our chat guidelines. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our members, we have a couple of rules to keep our chat rooms nice and friendly.
  • Get to know our chat hosts. Our Mecca stars will ensure that you always feel welcome and have a good time.

Find out about our lucky winners, what our customers have to say about playing bingo with us, and ways that you can get involved – on our chat rooms and social media, or by taking part in the fun activities we’re running on our website. You’ll discover fun and informative content on our blog. For a wealth of content, games, competitions, and to keep up-to-date with our celebrity collaborations, be sure to follow Mecca Bingo on our social media accounts, including FacebookTwitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Get started in our chat rooms

Here’s all the information you’ll need to get started in our chat rooms; the fun games they play, some of the lingo that our roomies might use and our guidelines so that no one gets upset.


Chat Games


Playing bingo is already fun, but we know ways to up the excitement even more.


Our energetic Chat Hosts will be happy to put on an exciting chat game and thereby give you a chance to add a cash boost to your balance!


If you’re not sure how to play simply have a look at the chat game guides, where you’ll find everything you need to know. Join in the fun in any of our chat rooms.


Bingo Lingo


If you’re new to bingo it might be a little daunting when you realise that bingo has its very own language!


But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a comprehensive dictionary of the chat lingo you might come across in our fun chat rooms.


Chat Guidelines


We love a gossip and a giggle and we want you to as well. That’s why we have a couple of rules that we ask you to follow to keep our chat rooms nice and friendly.


Chat Hosts


You’ll probably already be familiar friends with our charming and dedicated Chat Hosts. These bright Mecca stars make sure you always feel welcome when you join us for a game, as well as keep the peace and enforce the rules. That way everyone can focus on having a good time!


To learn a little more about each CH in our Mecca family, click below.


The Blog


You probably know by now that we love to have a natter, and our Blog is the perfect place to chat about everything and anything in the world of Mecca.


It’s the first place to go to hear about any news, competitions, quizzes, interviews and hilarious posts for those days where you just need a giggle, such as a list of the nation’s favourite biscuits... Very important stuff.


We have new posts up almost every day, so make sure to join in on the fun the next time you have five minutes in between bingo games or when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. Go on, put your feet up and give it a scroll!

Get Involved

Find out the latest fun things you can do here on your website


Roomie of the Week

Our roomies really are the greatest and now we’re rewarding you just for being fabulous!

Every week we pick a Roomie of the Week from 4 of our Bingo rooms. As well as getting this ace title you can also win £10 cash to account.


Pet of the Month

Is your guinea pig the greatest, your feline the funniest or your pooch the most playful? 

We want to see your perfect pets! Send us a picture, the name and some info about your pet and your username to [email protected] and they could be crowned Pet of the Month!


Stay in touch

Our community is what makes Mecca special and we know that many of you will still want to stay connected to us or may just want someone to chat to. So there are lots of ways for you to stay in touch, you can;

Send us an Email
Visit us at and have an online chat with our Mecca team
Send or post us a message on Facebook

Rank Cares


Why not spread a little love while you play?

Give a helping hand to those who need it by playing our Rank Cares charity games! Here at Mecca we support the Carers Trust, offering some much needed support for those who spend their time helping others.