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BIg Money Slingo Bonus

Whether you are bonkers for bingo or sold on slots, this is the game for you. Incorporating all your favourite elements from the classic games into one – it’s time to Slingo!



Big Money Slingo Bonus combines all the fun of slots with classic bingo, an incredible jackpot of £250,000 AND the chance to win free spins. This game really DOES have it all! Choose one of six locations, each with their own stake level, to start your game. In the bonus feature you can collect five keys to give you access to a bonus wheel guaranteeing a prize of up to £250!

How To Play

Big Money Slingo Bonus game will start by pressing the ‘start button’.

Then choose one of the six locations which are Joker Hamlet, Royal Forest, Golden Fields, Diamond Peak, Lucky Gulch and Smugglers Cove and then, 4 jokers will be placed upon the game board.

The reels will then spin 6 times and show either a symbol or number.

  • The Free Spin symbol will provide an additional spin during the end of the game.
  • Numbers that will land on the reels will make any of the corresponding numbers on grid to get marked with the star.

With every Big Money Slingo Bonus game, your bet provides 6 spins which exclude any extra spin you may win in the mid-game.

The main aim is to develop as many full diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines as possible, because with each win Slingo rewards you with the cash prizes!

The Jokers, added at the beginning, will provide free squares in order to create the winning lines. You will also get the free spin symbol or 5 numbers with every spin. Thus, it will become easier to get some exciting prizes during the game.

Game Information

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