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Take on the dealer in this online version of the classic casino game and see if you can take home the big cash prizes.

Try to beat the dealer or maybe you’ll even get Blackjack!

Why not give Blackjack Core a try today and see if you can take home big money?



It’s time to take on the virtual dealer and see if you can win big cash prizes!

Whether you know Blackjack as ‘Twenty-One’ or ‘Pontoon’ or you’ve only known it as Blackjack, you’ll know that the trick is to beat to the dealer.

With Blackjack Core, you can double up or split and play multiple hands in this updated version of the traditional casino card game.

It’s simple, easy to learn and if you play wisely and you could walk away with some serious cash!

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How To Play

Please visit the in-game help section for information on how to play, rules and assistance.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay.

Game Information

  • Min Bet: £1
  • Max Bet: £5,000
  • Boxes: 2
  • RTP: 99.31%
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