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Type: Special

Open: 8am – 2am

Tickets from: 0.25

Prizes up to: £140

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What could be better than speedy bingo in a totally unique room? Speedy bingo with cute animals! Our Burst Bingo room is exclusive to Mecca and open from 8am until 2am.

The aim of the game is to call a full house within 50 ball calls, although the balls have been replaced with animals holding balloons. Watch out for your balls being called as the balloons will burst, and you can even mark off your numbers by bursting those balloons yourself.

You can buy 1 ticket per game; however, you choose what you want to pay for your ticket, which will be anything between 25p and £3. Remember: the more you stake, the bigger the prize!

And the fun doesn’t stop there – there’s a chance to win jackpots as well as the usual cash prizes.

This Room features new excusive Premiere Bingo Jackpots!

*All Prizes up to are subject to change based on promotional/scheduled changes

Burst is a 50 ball Bingo variant. Each 50-ball bingo ticket is made up of 10 different animals holding a balloon with a number in.

Games run every 2 minutes and 15 seconds and with only 10 numbers to mark off for a full house, there's loads of fast and furious fun to be had.

There is no prize for 1 line or 2 lines, just the Full House prize to be won in this game and this will be won by the first player to burst the balloon of all ten animals.

The winning prize amount is determined by the value of the ticket purchased. The prize amount shown is reflective of the prize for players who have purchased the most expensive tickets at £3.

This Room features new excusive Premiere Bingo Jackpots!

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