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Britain’s Got Talent Bingo

You’ve seen the bonkers TV talent show, now play the brilliant bingo game! Featuring extra bonuses, juicy jackpots and plenty of Britain’s Got Talent chat, this is one talented bingo room not to be missed!



Flying to a full house… cracking the community jackpot… how will you win Britain’s Got Talent Bingo? This is the room that gives you the chance to win up to 6 cash prizes for the best in bingo talent. Do you have what it takes?

This glamorous room also has Star Struck games every 30 minutes. If you buy 6 tickets or more for these and don’t win, you’ll get a free scratchcard for another chance to rise to glory and bag some cash!

Britain’s Got Talent is a cash only room, so you won’t be able to use bonus funds to purchase tickets in this game.

How To Play

This game offers the usual 1 line, 2 line and full house prizes which are won in the same way as all standard 90 ball bingo games. But there is also the Jackpot feature.

Lucky Numbers Feature

Players get the chance to pick 3 lucky numbers, these can be randomly chosen, or a player can choose their own. Each number is linked to a Jackpot, and to win that jackpot players must match their lucky number to the corresponding prize.

Lucky number 1 = 1-line winner’s ball number

Lucky number 2 = 2-line winner’s ball number

Lucky number 3 = Full house winner’s ball number

Buzzer Bonus 50p

If a player’s lucky number 1 is the same number as the 1 line winning ball then that lucky number wins the player 50p.

Audience Reward £7.50
If the player then goes on to match the ball number that the 2 line winner called on, then the player will win the Audience Reward.

Judges Jackpot £250

If a lucky player also matches ‘Lucky number 3’ with the number the full house is called on then the Judges Jackpot will be paid out as follows:

  • 50% of the cash will go to the Lucky Number winner.
  • 50% will go to everyone else who had tickets in the game.

*All Prizes up to are subject to change based on promotional/scheduled activity

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  • Type:90 Ball

  • Tickets from:10p

  • Open:9am - 11pm

  • Prizes up to:£1000

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